Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Englewood on WCIU

[VIDEO] Asiaha Butler appeared on WCIU on March 20th talking about her activities in the "Greater Englewood" community. This video was linked in Butler's recent post at her blog where she talks about a variety of items.

As for this video, I do hope Butler gets a Whole Foods Market in Englewood. It can either be at the site of the old Kennedy-King College @ 69th & Wentworth or near the new Kennedy-King College@ 63rd & Halsted. Yes, Ms. Butler it is OK to dream because it may well happen.

BTW, I posted this message on our FB page recently from the RAGE FB page:
had another productive day at the Illinois public hearing for redistricting this afternoon. We had our maps drawn & clear recommendations for the commission! Stay tuned for more developments...Also to learn more about redistricting join us for Real Talk with R.A.G.E, Thursday, Kelly Library at 5:30pm! Hope to see you there!
Butler has stated in the past at least before the municipal elections that she wished Englewood was under one ward as opposed to the fact that it's divided between 6 wards which also includes our very own 6th Ward. So it appears she wants to get something going on that issue:
Ok now the not so sexy stuff, REDISTRICTING...So one of RAGE goals since its inception was to have a voice or input in this process....We did just that, at a public hearing with the Illinois Redistricting Committee. We prepared our map which outlined our boundaries of Greater Englewood and how we would prefer to be remapped as a neighborhood with only 2 House districts and 1 Senate. Our map is aligned with the boundaries outlined by the 7th District Police Station...

Our next steps are reviewing the proposed maps by Legislative then following the trail down to the local levels with the wards...
Here is the map of the 7th Police District (Englewood) and the Ward boundaries contained within:

BTW, if Englewood wants a Whole Foods I would suggest asking for one and/or doing a petition just like the Calumet Heights Community Coalition. Perhaps in future Englewood can be like Chicago's Brooklyn. I also wonder if RAGE wants to see a Wal-Mart in their community as well.

Let's also hope Englewood won't be divided amongst not only various wards but various state legislative districts as well. And as for becoming a village, that mentality is needed in the "Rising Sixth Ward".


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