Thursday, March 3, 2011


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kenneth Sawyer, (312) 420-6443

Freddrenna Lyle has decided to pursue a campaign of lies and deceit in April 5, 2011 6th Ward runoff election.

Numerous constituents of the 6th Ward have received slanderous phone calls from the Lyle camp. These calls under the guise of a survey, quickly become an attack on the legacy of the late Eugene Sawyer, former 6th Ward Alderman and Mayor of Chicago. The Honorable Eugene Sawyer, was the father of Attorney Roderick T. Sawyer, candidate for Sixth Ward Alderman.

Roderick Sawyer has described these calls as a “desperate attempt to get votes.” “It is a shame when someone cannot defend their record or discuss the issues, they try to build themselves up by tearing others down. I am looking forward to a campaign that deals with the issues impacting 6th Ward residents. This is what our community deserves, instead of a Lyle campaign of concocted lies, involving my late father who served the constituents of the 6th Ward and the City of Chicago with privilege and honor.”

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  1. Firstly, my campaign is not phonebanking nor robocalling any person as of yet. Therefore the call did not come from my campaign, period. Secondly, I have always had the highest regard for former Mayor Sawyer and spoke at his funeral. He r...eciprocated and endorsed me, robocalling on my behalf. I would never, ever say anything publicly or privately desparaging this 6th Ward Icon. Thirdly, although I have been asked repeatedly to speak negatively of my opponent, a review of the articles where I was quoted shows that I have always taken the high road.

    Because it is virtually impossible to prove that something did not happen, however these are the easiest campaign allegations to make.
    Family has always been off limits in my book and any suggestion that I have attacked or tried to besmirch the character of his family is ridicilous. If in fact these calls were slanderous I am sure my opponent will take the necessary action to file a lawsuit. That lawsuit however will not be against me, because he knows I did not make/nor cause to be made, these calls. I don't need dirty tricks to win!


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