Thursday, March 31, 2011

SEIU cites our blog post as a source

The latest SEIU mailing, which just appeared in my box, cites the post with Worlee's questionaire (Feb. 16) as the source for Rod Sawyer's stance on gambling. (Progress Illinois also cited that questionnaire on Feb 18. Sidenote: they correctly predicted the top 2 contenders for the 6th ward race before the election.)

The actual quote is this:
I support video gambling as a means to generate revenue. Of course it needs to be regulated and have tight controls. We need to recapture some of the revenue we are losing to the Indiana casinos.
 .Clearly the SEIU's mailings are an exaggeration of Sawyer's support of gambling , and not a central issue of his campaign. And if you see the casino buses at Tuley Park, Cole Park, and other locations, Sawyer has a reasonable argument.  And i would think that even people who are strongly against video gambling are sick of these multiple mailings.

However, here's what Worlee posted on Concerned Citizens of Chatham based on a press release from the Sawyer Campaign:
“The only statement I have ever made concerning video gaming, is that the city council should debate the issue, like it should any revenue generating idea that is introduced. The law as it was written has been invalidated by the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Senate President has moved to exclude it from the new revenue package. There is no video gaming in Chicago. I have no idea what they are talking about."

Perhaps he forgot the questionaire (as many have been sent out and answered), but that's what SEIU is using as their justification.  From what I read, he supports it...but certainly desires some debate into it so that it does not proliferate everywhere.

As for the tax issue....we'll get back to you on the "truthiness" of that allegation.

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