Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alderman-elect items...

To start here's Alderman-elect Roderick Sawyer on Politics Tonight Thursday night to discuss a number of issues. Especially mentioned are his plans for "transit-based development" [VIDEO]


The night before Sawyer was on Chicago Tonight [VIDEO] along with other run off election winners such as Nicholas Sposato (36th), Michele Smith (43rd), and James Cappleman (46th).

Also I believe this was mentioned on Politics Tonight. I can believe family friend former US Sen. Roland Burris helped Sawyer immensely, but I wonder if such talk by both The Ward Room blog and Chicago Magazine is vastly overblown about Burris the "kingmaker".

Ward Room listed Burris as a winner:
ROLAND BURRIS: Older voters in Chatham neighborhood have been fans of Roland Burris ever since he was elected comptroller -- with the help of 6th Ward Alderman Eugene Sawyer. Burris’s endorsement of Sawyer’s son, Roderick, helped him squeak out a victory over incumbent Freddrenna Lyle, who was backed by Rahm Emanuel, Ed Burke and all the major unions. Does Burris have more clout than Emanuel on the South Side? Probably not, but he does have more clout than the South Side’s other ex-senator, who made no endorsements during the runoffs.
Chicago Mag. refers to Burris as "kingmaker":
A return to the limelight, sort of, for Burris

In the 6th Ward, which includes Chatham and Englewood, the expectation was that 13-year incumbent Freddrenna Lyle would easily survive a challenge from Roderick Sawyer, son of the late Mayor Eugene Sawyer (who was also a former alderman in the 6th). Lyle had Rahm behind her, as well as Ed Burke, unions, business and big money ($24,726 in in-kind contributions from Rahm’s New Chicago Committee). So how did Sawyer eke out a narrow win? According to Sawyer, an endorsement from Roland Burris—a family friend and ward resident for more than 50 years—helped a lot. There was the former U.S. senator, smiling happily for the cameras at Sawyer’s emotional victory.
What do you think?

Also Mechanics takes a look at the distribution of precinct victories in all the run off races including our very own 6th Ward.

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