Saturday, April 23, 2011

At least we're not....Cleveland

Well if you watch this [VIDEO] from CBS2Chicago of the Mayor-elect making a general statement about the direction he wants Chicago to go:
In a clear warning to those who aren’t ready for his vision of city government, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel said Chicago needed some major change or it could “veer off to a Cleveland.”

Poor Cleveland. It, along with Detroit, are the cities that Americans associate with urban decline. Now Emanuel is warning Chicago could go right with it.

“I think the decisions we make in the next two years, three years, will determine where we’re going to be in the next 20-30 years,” he said at the Chicago Tribune series, Conversations about the Future. “If we get them wrong … we could veer off to a Cleveland.”

Emanuel’s Cleveland reference came from a Tribune editorial that endorsed his mayoral candidacy.
First it was "at least we're not Detroit", now it's "let's not turn into Cleveland". We can look to those other urban areas as examples of what we don't want to become. We need to look at what we do need to become.

Should Chicago look at emulating, for example, New York City?

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