Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Board of Elections "Election Central" hotline

Some info that I found from Uptown Update. The number for Election Central is 312.269.7870. Please write this down on a sheet of paper or program this into a cell phone. You may need this number for the following reasons:
If you see anything that doesn't look or feel right, call it. You can post about it, and we encourage that, but it shouldn't be in lieu of calling the Board of Elections. You can cause someone shame by posting their wrongdoing -- but you can do something about it by calling the Board of Elections.

- If someone tells you your candidate isn't in the race anymore - call 312-269-7870.

- If someone tells you you're not allowed to vote - call 312-269-7870.

- If you are approached by thugs outside the polling place who ask you who you're going to vote for - call 312-269-7870.

- If you see anyone passing out election materials or wearing a campaign button inside the blue cones outside a polling place - call 312-269-7870.

- If someone offers to "help" you vote and you didn't ask for help - call 312-269-7870.
You can always find more ways to contact the Board of Elections, by going to their website. Here's a page for more phone numbers. I will post about my precinct tomorrow I will also encourage you to let us know what's going on in your precinct as well.

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