Friday, April 1, 2011

Money in the 6th Ward run off...

Let's start with this Tribune article. We already know about the resources Mayor-elect Emanuel had put into this ward. There's also another player, 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke:
Many of the contributions defy the notion that Burke and Emanuel will go to war to control a majority of the 50-member council. The political dynamic of the new City Council could be one of shifting alliances based on issues rather than one controlled by a strong mayor or polarized by a racially-tinged battle for power.

A prime example of this phenomenon is the campaign of Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, who has represented the South Side's 6th Ward for 13 years. She's backed by Emanuel, Burke, the unions and even a number of business interests.

Lyle faces a fierce challenge Tuesday from Roderick Sawyer. He's the son of Eugene Sawyer, the former alderman the City Council picked to replace Mayor Harold Washington after his death in office.

Lyle has received nearly $25,000 from the New Chicago Committee fund created by Emanuel that so far has made contributions to seven candidates. She's also gotten more than $135,000 from the unions that together are putting far more money into the races than any other politician or group.

Lyle also got an endorsement from Burke, whose backing historically signals to others that it's OK to follow suit.

Council colleagues also have chipped in by helping Lyle on the campaign and contributing thousands of dollars. For those helping Lyle, it's a way to court favor with other aldermen who hold her in high esteem.

"It has been humbling," Lyle said of the outpouring of support. "They see what I do, how hard I work, and they believe that as we move forward with a new mayor, it will be important to have me on the council."
It's been in the news this week. We already know that Ald. Lyle got some money from "For a Better Chicago PAC". However it's come to light that she had yet to return the money.
Lyle said her campaign actually made out a check for $10,000 to For a Better Chicago PAC on March 11, the week after her comments to the Tribune.

“Originally I was going to mail it, and then I said, ‘I’m not going to put a $10,000 check in the mail.' And I wanted to return it to them, and then I hadn’t been downtown, and then it got in the briefcase," Lyle said, explaining that she has two briefcases.

"And then I found it in the briefcase, and said, ‘What am I doing? I’ve got to get it down there.’ Because it has got to show up on their D2s.”

D2s are a political committee’s quarterly disclosure reports. And if Lyle doesn’t hand For a Better Chicago the check before the end of this month, there would be confusion: her campaign's report would indicate she had paid back the money to For a Better Chicago, but the PAC’s report would show it hadn't received it.

"And I certainly don’t want any issues with the Illinois board of elections,” Lyle said.

The alderman said she’s going to return it – in person – to the PAC’s office.
This donation had been made before the February 22nd municipal elections. Because of Ald. Lyle's decision to return the money earlier in March, "For a Better Chicago" hasn't made an endorsement in the run off for 6th Ward Alderman.

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  1. As a resident of the 6th Ward, I'm hoping that outside interests don't cloud the issues that will affect us after the elections are long over. More of the same old machine at work to keep us under their thumb.

    Who ever you support get out the vote and don't let these mailings get in the way. The SEIU hasn't been looking out for us so why should we believe them now.

    We need jobs now. We need safer streets. We need better schools. We need better citizens who care for one another. And it starts with the us caring first!


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