Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ald. Lyle's service office remains open for business...

the following was written on April 24th by Levois, with notes from Worlee. In case you don't follow us on Facebook...

Until Alderman-elect Sawyer is able to officially take office next month. Ald. Lyle comments on a post made at the FB page with regards to her TV show The 6th Ward Scene. A variety of subjects are tackled here:
As for the show, it was taped in March, before the election and I asked Atty. Kim Egonwan, a resident to do the interview to highlight the talent we have in our Ward. I can not con...tinue to do show as Alderman because their is soon to be a new Alderman. It will be his decision as to whether he wishes to continue a Cable TV show. In fact over the years less than 10 of 50 taped any sort of show (until election time).

As to the office, the office is not closed. None of my full time staff persons have taken vacation. We’ve continued to serve the residents everyday, except for 2 and phone, email and walk in requests are still being handled. The Streets & Sanitation Office remains open and those services continue also. I’ve continued to meet with residents, City officials and I attended the last Council meeting. I held a monthly meeting and wrote a monthly Newsletter. As that was to be the last Aldermanic Ward meeting, most of those who attended came to wish me well. To my surprise, 2 persons came, I suppose, to see if I was broken and bowed. I am not and thus they left disappointed.

I took no vacation last year & can’t be paid for that time, so I took a vacation last week and will be taking another shortly, as I am permitted to do. Brian also is entitled to vacation and is taking his before he starts his new job in another Ward. So everything else written above by wg is wrong. Finally, questions about my office, staff or actions will almost certainly be answered by myself or my staff as soon as we receive them.
As for the service office, it was in response to Worlee's comment about what's been going on in Ald. Lyle's office since she lost the run off election:
Literally, the 6th ward service personnel have literally all resigned. The alderman and streets and sanitation supervisor are all on vacation. Also, the current 6th ward office closes down on May 1, 2011. The bottom line is there is nothing to report, this was and is not a smooth transition. wg
Not sure what to believe about the transition between Lyle & Sawyer in addition to whether or not the current service office will close on May 1st. One outgoing Alderman - Mary Ann Smith (48th) - had already announced her office will be closed for business on May 1st.

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