Ald. Sawyer & Mayor Emanuel at Cottage Grove Walgreen's Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning Mayor Emanuel was at Walgreen's at 86th & Cottage Grove with not only Alderman Sawyer but also 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris. There is a purpose to this meeting surely, Walgreen's are adding more stores and that means more jobs:
Walgreen Co. and Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans Wednesday for dozens of new food outlets as the retailer upgrades stores and expands in Chicago, adding 600 jobs in the city over the next two years.

The company and the mayor planned a news conference that the huge drugstore chain will add food products to roughly 40 additional stores in so-called food deserts, up from 11 currently that sell a wider range of groceries.

BTW, Sawyer and Emanuel were quoted in this article found over at
Emanuel praised Walgreens for stepping forward and meeting the challenge of providing jobs and fresh food to underserved communities.

“This is a true story. A few weeks ago I initially stopped into Walgreens here at 86th and Cottage Grove to go to the ATM when I noticed fruits and vegetables out for sale. I never knew Walgreens sold fresh food and I was very impressed,” recalled Emanuel. “It is unacceptable that 450,000 Chicagoans do not have access to healthy, fresh foods for their families and I am committed to eliminating food deserts in out city.”
“I am about growing jobs in Chicago. I am about getting private employers to invest in our city and neighborhoods and Walgreens’ expansion is an example of that,” added Emanuel.
And more jobs is something Alderman Roderick Sawyer, whose 6th Ward incudes several Walgreens, welcomes.

“Residents in the Chatham community are in need of jobs like anyone else, whether it be minimum wage or higher,” Sawyer said. “Middle-class communities are among the ones having it the hardest because residents that are employed may be underemployed and those residents that are not employed are often seen as over qualified for lower paying jobs.”
The picture above of Mayor Emanuel & Ald. Sawyer can be found via his service office's Twitter account @6thWardChicago. There are a number of updates about this appearance at the Chatham Village Square Walgreen's on Wednesday morning.


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