Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aldi’s newest store opens June 1 at Chatham Market

If you checked out EveryBlock lately you will see crime stories dominate the feed yesterday. A couple of shootings took place in the ward at near 76th & Eberhardt and another near 94th & Michigan. Unfortunately one of those shootings has resulted in a death.

On another tack this story I didn't see until late last night, Aldi's will be open at Chatham Market today courtesy of the Sun-Times:
Cynthia Hinton is a veteran saver, tracking every penny when she buys groceries at Aldi, a discount chain opening its 38th Chicago store on Wednesday in the Chatham Market at 83rd Street and South Holland Road.

“Because most of the frills are eliminated — no music playing, no grocery baggers and no price fluctuations — I always find quality products at really good prices,” said Hinton, a 54-year-old Chatham resident who tightened her already strict budget after she retired 10 years ago.

“When I started shopping at Aldi in 2001, I was taken aback by the products and the amount I could save,” she said.

She even has her own checklist of store requirements: Close to home, quality products at the best dollar value, a clean store with helpful employees and a company whose aim is to keep her a happy customer.

“Aldi has satisfied all of those,” said Hinton, who shops at the Aldi at 9001 S. Halsted. “Even though the product varieties are limited, the stores stock groceries and household items I regularly buy — milk, eggs, oranges, fresh flowers, egg substitute, ground turkey, sugar substitute Splenda and seasonal items like mulch. I even bought a tent once for family outings.”
Hinton looks forward to stopping at the new store as she runs errands, and appreciates that Chatham residents can reinvest their money in their community.

“The more money recycled back into the community, the stronger the community becomes economically,” she said. “That translates into creating more jobs for young people and pouring more money into the parks, schools and library.”

The Chatham Market, anchored by a Lowe’s home-improvement store, will be the site of a new Wal-Mart supercenter in early 2012.

Aldi is no newcomer to what has become known as the “food desert” — areas where people have little access to fresh produce and other healthy foods because of the time and difficulty in finding transportation to a full-service supermarket.

Aldi opened a store in the Englewood neighborhood on June 16, 1980, and replaced it with a larger, updated store at 620 W. 63rd St. on Oct. 21, 1991. Aldi also operates stores at 7345 S. State St., 6621 S. Cottage Grove and 7627 S. Ashland.
Will you be there when the doors open for business tomorrow!

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