Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brizard’s pay as new Chicago Public Schools chief to be tied to performance

Do you think that this performance based contract for the CPS CEO is good for the Chicago Public Schools?
Newly-appointed Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard disclosed Thursday that he is finalizing a “performance contract” that will tie his compensation to “student achievement.”

Brizard said his performance would be measured “the same way everyone’s gonna be measured. Fundamentally, it’s about student achievement.”

Sources said Brizard’s base salary is expected to remain at the $250,000 temporarily approved by the lame-duck school board.

But that salary could rise based on a host of factors ranging from test scores and parental participation to graduation and student drop-out rates.

Asked Thursday if he expects to be paid more if student test scores rise, Brizard said, “Not necessarily. … I can’t talk too much about it because it’s still being negotiated and finalized by the attorneys. That will be in the next few days. … You’ll get all the details. I promise you.”
I look forward to seeing some details about Brizard's contract, but in other news with regards to his performance he's already identified some cuts for CPS:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard announced the central office cuts at a news conference Thursday morning at South Loop Elementary School, saying that this was a "start" and that they would try to keep budget reductions out of the classroom.

About $16 million in cuts include getting rid of 40 central office positions that are currently vacant or soon-to-be-vacant and about 20 layoffs at the district's headquarters at 125 S. Clark St. Under former leader Ron Huberman, central office staff had taken significant cuts over the last few years.

This year's budget reductions also include scaling back on capital improvement projects and thus saving $44 million in debt service payments. Another $7.3 million will be gained from reducing underused space in schools, thus cutting down custodial services, and saving $5 million by downsizing the school bus fleet, which could mean longer bus rides for some students. Officials hope to offset that with a renegotiated bus contract.
BTW, the new Mayor wants to lean on Springfield to get money CPS is owed by the state.
Officials with the Chicago Teachers Union said the cuts left the district at "status quo" since the state budget plan before Gov. Pat Quinn would reduce CPS funding by another $77 million. The union has called for the district to release a finalized budget.

Emanuel called on Springfield to help CPS by paying the district money it owes from last year. The state still owes it about $267 million.
In Illinois' constitution (Article X) the state is charged with the primary responsibility to fund public education. However it has been noted that funding public education in actuality falls on local communities and the state in fact doesn't contribute as much.

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