Saturday, June 25, 2011

CTA Prez cites Ald. Sawyer

On Fox Chicago Sunday , new CTA President Forrest Claypool talked about Ald. Sawyer's thoughts on transit -based economy, and agreed with him. However, he implied there are problems with financiing it, due to the economy.

Here's the video:


  1. I was able to ask Alderman Sawyer about this statement. The Alderman response was how can they not afford to fund a transit based economy on the Southside. The Alderman stated that there are some plans already in place with the proposed Kennedy King TIF and the CTA expansion. The Alderman stated that the city is losing out on much needed revenue by not funding transit based businesses and creating a disparity among riders as the downtown and north side stops have transit based businesses.He plans to meet with Mr. Claypool and if need be vowed to camp out on his doorstep to make this project a reality.

  2. Quite frankly our position is also that everything doesn't need to be paid for with government funds. Some things can be handled with planning. We have plenty of investors who are willing to come into an area that receives as much traffic as the red line. Our discussions have shown that it is much more feasible than it is being presented, with all due respect to Mr. Claypool.


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