Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A report from McDade School by a very concerned citizen of Chatham...

NOTE: This blog is not affiliated in any capacity with Alderman Sawyer or his 6th Ward Service Office. He also has a FB page @6thWardChicago if you wish to contact his office that way!

Posted in one of our posts announcing the election of Roderick Sawyer as 6th Ward Alderman:
Dear Alderman Sawyer,
I live behind McDade School, And It's becoming a nightmare for our young children to play in the McDade Campus. The"Young Adults Thugs" are trying to take over!!! It's starting about 7 until 1:00 p.m.and sometimes later than that!! Please have the bicycle police or squads to canvas the areas in the evening. These Young People are smoking, having sex Parties in there vans or cars leaving waste materials every where in the school and on our blocks. PLease see what you can do. A Very Concerned Citizen of The Chatham Community.

This is where I may just say this will be forwarded to Ald. Sawyer and let them deal with it, but I'm grateful that Worlee is around to not only state that we're not affiliated with Ald. Sawyer but provides some resources where she can call to report her issues. I'm going to refer to his advice to another anonymous comment on our Blotter page
First, if there is gun fire you should call 911 immediately. Anytime you witness criminal activity contact 911. Secondly, contact 311 and the alderman's office at for your city services.

Other resources are CHA Section 8 hotline 800-533-0441 and give them the address and issues. Also, your local community organization is Park Manor Neighbors and the meet on the first Monday of every month. Lastly, call 311 find out your beat and when and where the CAPS meeting is held and plan to attend the CAPS beat meeting.

Personally, I advise if possible, take pictures of when the congregation is happening and any disrepair of the property to have as evidence.
Well the CHA hotline may not apply here, but calling 911 would help and I hope that this person has made their neighbors aware of what's going on around McDade. BTW, McDade is the school Sawyer himself served on the LSC.

Anyway one could start with contacting the school, but beyond that I'm not sure how to escalate beyond this if this activity is occuring on school grounds. Yeah tell the school but perhaps don't wait for the school to escalate this matter. Of course that in addition to calling 311 and then contacting the Alderman's office at 6thwardchicago [at] gmail [dot] com or at (773) 635-0006.

And if that area is under the 6th Police District GCA provided a direct line to the watch commander's office in case you see this activity in progress:
Be sure to call the 6th District Watch Commander's Direct Phone: 312.745.3610 first when reporting a crime in action.

Tell the Watch Commander and insist that: The 6th District Commander Eddie Johnson said GCA members and Chatham neighbors should call the District Watch Commander and report their crime.

FYI: They rotate the Watch Commanders and some may not want to do this!

But you should insist that this is what the District Commander Eddie Johnson told GCA members and 6th Ward neighbors to do!

Just some tips, but I'm sure there are many others who can do much better in that department. And we need to get to work on those resources that people can utilize with these various issues that they're concenred about!

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  1. In this case the community organization is Chesterfield(773-651-3958) or West
    Chesterfield(l.773.821.8928). Get plugged in because there is strength in numbers.


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