Monday, June 27, 2011

Went to the Alderman's office for city sticker sales...

I have to accept since now that we have a new Alderman, that Sawyer will do some things much differently than Lyle has. It could be how to inform the community, how they handle service requests, etc. So another example of that is the city sticker sales.

This was the fastest I've been waited on for purchasing a city sticker. Perhaps the weather kept some people away this morning which was when I dropped by the office @ 463 1/2 E. 83rd Street which was sometime after 10 AM. There was no line outside of the office and Alderman Sawyer and Chief-of-staff Sleet was outside to greet people doing sticker sales.

The office from the outside just seems so small but then you go inside. I had to ask an office worker where to go for sticker sales and was directed straight towards the back. And it didn't seem like a long wait before I was able to walk to a register to complete the transaction for a city sticker and residential parking permit. I would give it at least 10 or so minutes. In fact before I left Alderman Sawyer told a constituent about the short wait for a city sticker.

BTW, there was a lady who I believed was with the City Clerk's office who was just friendly. I'm giving her some credit for that although, there was some woman who she said she was trying to start a convo. Most of us already know what we're here for and if there are any questions surely they would know to ask. Going into this office, it's a lot huge than I thought it was and there was enough room for city clerk employees to do their transactions.

Then I walk back out on 83rd Street with the Alderman and Sleet outside I see a truck (which just so happens to be a hot dog stand) with a smoker on the street. Perhaps for those who are hungry when they come out of the Alderman's office. For certain this was a day of activity even if there will only be Aldermanic office sticker sales here in the 6th for today only.

Does anyone else have any comment about city sticker sales at the 6th Ward Service Office?



    1. I stopped by at 9am and there were people who waited and by noon when the rain stopped the traffic was brisk and the turnaround looked to be about 5 minutes. Alderman Sawyer and Chieg of Staff Sleet were still meeting and greeting. They estimated that approximately 600 stickers would be sold today.

    2. Ald. Roderick T. SawyerJune 30, 2011 at 12:09 PM

      We were informed that we sold approximately $64k worth of stickers at the office, which was comparable to last years sales in the ward. Even during the height of activity, no one waited more than 15 minutes to get their sticker. I was pleased to meet hundreds of residents, as we enjoyed each others company discussing ways to improve our community.


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