Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're not affiliated with the 6th Ward Service Office

This blog is not affiliated with the 6th Ward Service Office nor with Ald. Roderick Sawyer in any capacity. Any e-mail that's meant for the service office will only be forwarded to his office. In future we would will also ensure that you will have the contact information for the service office directly in addition to utilizing the 311 system.

Within the past two weeks we've gotten e-mails that were meant for Ald. Sawyer. One hoping to see him at an event referred to as the "Community Conversation meeting regarding 'the Crime Spine of the City' here in the 6th District". Friday, we got an e-mail from a woman about her tree that she says hasn't been cut down by the city yet and it's been three years.

The graphic above was posted here before, just to reiterate the many ways you can contact our service office. There's not only the old fashioned phone or e-mail, but there's also Facebook or Twitter. Especially note the phone number for the office and the e-mail address for service requests. If you have service requests the e-mail is 6thwardchicago [AT] gmail [DOT] com. The office number is also (773) 635-0006. Further more you are more than encouraged to call 311 and then be sure to request a service request number.

Also note that you can make service requests online here. I have some experience with this, it will be hard to get a service request number so that you can follow up on it. Although even on this page you're encouraged to call 311 to follow up on your request.

We hope to contribute to the community conversation and we're not trying to facilitate service requests. Also we want to encourage you to interact with our public officials and one way to do that is to get into touch with them (mainly Ald. Sawyer and his staff) directly through the methods outlined in this post. If you like or dislike the level of service provided by the 6th Ward Service Office feel free to applaud/vent on the blog accordingly, as always.


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