Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is What Wrong With LSC's- Everybody's Out of Control at Arthur Ashe Elementary

This past weekend I received an invitation to join a Facebook group "Chatham Connection". I accepted the invitation and immediately got involved in the discussion. I received a message from a gentleman named Joe Lake who considers himself a community activist. He doesn't live in Chatham so I questioned his motives and the fact that he submitted an article about the situation at Arthur Ashe Elementary to a nothside newspaper only with having a conversation with one side of the situation. Secondly, he wants to convince me that 85th Ingleside is in Chatham. I, as well as, most Chatham residents consider that Avalon Park which is a part of the 8th ward. We split hairs about this but the major issue is the situation going on at Arthur Ashe Elementary School.


The content of the videos is disgusting and vulgar on all levels. The fighting by the kids, the parents and adults watching, idiots videotaping and the administration's lack of response. The videos' were uploaded by the school's former LSC president Ron Mitchell. I questioned his motive because he constantly speaks about a dispute another former LSC member has with the principal. The dispute with the principal  has resulted in Mr Mitchell and a Mrs. Walker being barred from entering the building. I also questioned the motives when I asked the following questions:

  1. Was CPS central office security personnel contacted?
  2. Was CPD contacted?
  3. Did anyone attend the local CAPS meeting?
  4. Was the CPS district officer contacted?
  5. Was Alderman Michelle Harris contacted?
  6. Were any CPS board members contacted?
  7. Did they go to the monthly CPS board meeting and make the problem known?
  8. Was the Inspector General Office contacted ?

The answer to 1-8 was "Duh" and the answer to 9 was I'm going to do it. My take is this is what wrong with LSC's individuals get on the board and declare it their turf and let their ego's get away from them. When someone bruise their ego's they can't accept it. I feel if the "kids" were the primary concern here 1-9 would have been done before they would have placed them on YouTube and had this guy write the article

Children fighting at South Side elementary school; principal accused of child endangerment

What is your take on this?

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