YoChicago: All about Chicago's Chatham neighborhood

[VIDEO: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4] Worlee Glover drove Joe Zekas of YoChicago around Chatham earlier in the past week. They started at Mather's at 83rd & Wabash and took a tour around Chatham's tree lined streets. We saw some of the modernist homes in there in addition to the unique blue replica of the White House near 84th & Michigan. Also Worlee and Joe drove by Cole Park and saw the memorial there for the late Officer Thomas Wortham (described as one of our community's future leaders). As well as driving by St. Mark's Methodist Church (8441 S. St. Lawrence).

The first video is an introduction which basically sets up the lay of the land. Part 2, a question about whether or not the younger generation will return to this community was asked by Joe Zekas during the course of the video. Part 3 an important question about the role of churches in Chatham. Part 4 has a lot of talk about the parks and neighborhood schools.

The YoChicago videos with Worlee are below. Expect there to be three more videos before this series is done with YoChicago.

Special note, I was very curious about this store called Flawless at 87th & Rhodes. This is where Part 4 ends and while not much was said about this "boutique" we know a lot more about the building in which it is located. Also it's right across the street from Ald. Sawyer's service office.


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