Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let's Stop The Hypocrisy- Let's Move Forward

 This past week was an ugly week in our community. First with  knuckle heads shooting at the King Drive bus and then the attempted armed robbery of a senior citizen. Fortunately, no was seriously hurt. Mr. Edward Alexander, 85 was shot in the thigh during the scuffle with his assailant. Mr. Alexander stated he fought back because you have to take a stand at some point.

Our community has said that Crime, Education, Economic Development, Seniors and Youth are our top priorities. This upcoming Saturday, August 20th starting at 9am the 6th ward will have events that address all of the above issues. Unfortunately, there was a lack of coordination among the event organizers but the events are in close proximity whereas individuals can attend several if they choose.

All the events are IMPORTANT and I wish that the event organizers asked their supporters to be respectful of all the events on that day. Acting a fool on social networking sites, posting over other events and making petty comments is disrespectful and unnecessary. All the "drive by community activist" need to relax because people are going to choose what events they want to attend and there is more than enough time for individuals to attend more than one.

This is the time for our community to show everyone we really care and let people like Mr. Alexander and the Wortham family that their act were not in vain. and are just not giving lip service to the issues that affect our community.

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