Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Are We Going To Do With The Rhodes Theater Site?

This past weekend I was introduced to a Facebook group "Children of Chatham". The above picture is courtesy of the group. There were several conversations about the Rhodes Theater and looking back i didn't remember that the theater was torn down in 1990.

The theater was built in 1937 on the site and was opened to much fanfare. So looking at the site today and seeing a dirty vacant lot is a pretty sad situation. The City of Chicago owns the lot and several plans have been floated, a laundromat, bookstore, restaurant, etc, which none have come to fruition.Rhodes Theater
Thanks to Genell Banks for the press release.

So what would you like to see at this site? Maybe if we can get the Rhode site developed then the rest will follow including the City of Chicago who needs to add LIGHTING.


  1. I would suggest a parking lot. That sounds lame, but I would want to make that as part of a revived Izola's. The point of the lot is not just parking (which would be good, as people are avoiding the pay spaces), but also as open space to use for outdoor dining. which can draw positive attention.

    That space can also be used for other outdoor events like movies or small concerts. And of course, extra lighting to highlight the areas.

    There are plenty of other empty buildings that our comunity could stand for this space to be used in the suggested way, which could then create an upward spiral of activity, which would only THEN justify building up more structures.


  2. I think JP is onto something! I've thought about this lot myself and have written posts about hoping that someone could build a similar structure to the original here. Of course that's not to say that it's the best idea to rebuild a theater. But a reason to bring people to 79th Street would help this lot get built back up whatever the function of this building. If it were a parking lot perhaps a place to park an iGo car. Especially if this parking lot is properly secured.


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