Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Victim in Pill Hill shotgun attack: 'They'll be back.'

This morning an article was posted on the FB page about a shooting that took place in the Park Manor neighborhood. Let's home no one in our general area will be the victims of such a senseless crime such as this:
She was at work Monday when she received a call about noon or 1 p.m. from one of her neighbors, Jerusha Stewart, who told [Eva] Spencer her house had been broken into. When Spencer came home, she learned from another neighbor that at least two people stole the TVs and hid them in a neighboring garage that’s part of vacant property.

Spencer was eventually able to recover the stolen items. But shortly before calling police to report the burglary, Spencer said, she was standing on the sidewalk when a man she’s seen in the area before walked near her and exclaimed, “B----, I’ll be back.”

“I don’t even remember what I said,” said Spencer, thinking that must’ve been the same man who broke into her home. “I froze. I was shocked he’d even say anything to me.”

About 6 p.m., Spencer stood outside her home talking with Stewart and the other neighbor. A man, who Spencer wasn’t able to identify, walked past them while talking on a cell phone until he got to East 93rd Street and South Chappel Avenue.

Unbeknownst to the trio, that man was armed.

“We heard a ‘Pow!’ And then I got shot, and I turned around, looked and he was running,” said Spencer, whose lower back and legs were left covered with pellet wounds. “When I felt it…it (the wounds) was warm.”

“I was crying. I was crying. I was hysterical,” she said, adding that her wounds evoked painful memories about the death of her 31-year-old brother, Joshua, who was fatally stabbed on the North Side in March 2010.

After the shooting, Spencer ran into her house. A friend drove her to the hospital a short time later.
Pill Hill is also known as an upper-middle class community and they're starting to have problems as well apparently. Perhaps even they have issues with foreclosures!
Frustrated by recent break-ins in the neighborhood, including two at her home, Stewart said her block has problems with several vacant properties and youths who loiter continuously in front of a convenience store across from Spencer’s home.

Stewart said she’s complained repeatedly to her alderman about the those issues. “I’m terrified. I’m terrified to stay in my own house now,” said Stewart, who works for the state of Illinois and has lived in her house since 1979.

“People are coming out here and not doing anything but living off of the things that other people have accomplished…It seems like it’s being tolerated too much.”
Let's hope she continues to report the issues in her neighborhood. That lady who was shot no longer feels safe in her house and has opted to move out. Let's be sure that never happens again!

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  1. Here's the thing, I live in the sixth ward. I live on 82nd and Langley. I have lived there most of my life, and sad as it sounds I have no intention of raising my children there. I have called Alderman Sawyer about the crime in my area and the common chorus has been "Call the police". Thing is the police are as useless apparently as the alderman is. I mean seriously you hear gunshots and you call and no one shows up. You have people knocking on your door that you do not know, you call and no one shows up. You have a known drug house next door to you, and another one four doors down from you, you call to report suspicious activity and no one shows up. I wonder how many are all about collecting a check and doing nothing.


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