What's happening in the 6th Ward???

6th Ward remap DRAFT
Today is the lastest Roseland Heights Neighborhood meeting. On the agenda is the ward remap. Here is an article on that from the latest newsletter.

As the City Council prepares to redraw Ward boundaries Black aldermen unify to save south side wards. Chicago loss 200,000 residents in the last ten years; 180,000 were black (2010 Census). This means we will loses some black wards. The 6th Ward may become part of the 9th Ward with a new Alderman (someone you did not vote for!). How do you feel about your boundaries? The political landscape has shifted in Chicago's City Council and because of this where you live may undergo drastic changes. We need to pay attention. Even if we accept the change we need to know what the change will be and how it effects us. We have invited Alderman Sawyer to this month's meeting. In solidarity.....WE must be One!
Here's this month's Roseland Heights newsletter. Below are some related posts!
I think I should trot out the contact info for both Aldermen Howard Brookins (who chairs the city council's Black Caucus) and Richard Mell (who chairs the Rules Committee that oversees the remap)! I urge you to give them feedback on what you expect from this remapping process!


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