Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Redistricting the ward/population differences. -- your thoughts?

One in a series of drafts that were started but that we forgot about in the midst of other news. This draft was started on July 18, before the redistricting process had really started.

The Chicago Tribune recently posted a story on Ward re-mapping, and gave us a tool to compare 2000 AND 2010 populations.

For example, the 6th ward's Asian population grew more than 11%. OK, it was only 4 people, but it sounds impressive). The non-African-American population did gain more than 200, making themselves almost 3% of the 6th Ward's poplation, though no area appears to be an "ethnic neighborhood". However we lost 5000 African Americans. 

Here's the comparison maps...

Roseland Heights seems to be the most diverse:
96.8% African-American
01.2% Other
01.1% Hispanic
00.6% White
00.3% Asian   

The Ward seems generally with logical boundaries, but some thoughts:

Burnside west of Cottage Grove ought to be folded into the ward.  It doesn't make sense why it would be outside, as many of the resources (such as Burnside Academy, Tuley Park) are in the 6th.

Also, to bring up the population to the target 53,000, perhaps going south on the part of the ward that is West of the Dan Ryan (I-94) may  help as well. 

How do you think the ward should be reconfigured?

How do we become a part of this process?

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