Sawyer votes yes on city budget

The Chicago News Cooperative has reported that the City Council approved the City Budget 50-0.

Here is Alderman Sawyer's response to a Facebook inquiry about his vote (from ~ 11am): 
I was a yes vote, this is a difficult budget and we are still working on reducing some job cuts but we were able to secure an expansion in the Bureau of Electricity to help stabilize the streetlight situation in the ward.

He later posted this on Facebook via Twitter:
This is an important time for the city of Chicago, and we must give this budget a chance to address difficult decisions #Sawyer on budget

I agree with @AldReilly about addressing procurement and contracts, we must do more #Oversight

You can follow Alderman Sawyer on Facebook. You can also follow him via Twitter.

This blog, The Sixth Ward, is not affiliated with his office nor the previous Alderman, Freddrenna Lyle. This is a blog for all residents of the area to learn and share about our community.


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