Friday, November 25, 2011

So since we have some offices up for election next year...

Is there anyone out there running for Republican (GOP) Committeeman next year? Also we know about the Democratic field for 34th district state Representative and we know who's running for 6th Ward Democratic committeeman, but little idea of any Republicans running in next year's primary for either office.

Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business wants to encourage you to run for GOP Committeeman:
Doug Ibendahl, a former attorney for the state GOP, has been waging a bit of a one-man campaign to drum up interest in the job of Republican ward committeeman as part of an effort to spark some grassroots activity. The local party chiefs will be elected in the March primary, and snagging a spot is surprisingly easy.

Mr. Ibendahl notes that getting on the ballot requires the signatures of no more than 30 registered voters in most city wards. And actually getting elected can take almost as few.

In 2008, for instance, 3rd Ward GOP committeeman winner Bobbie Johnson had just 65 votes to his opponent's 57. Linda Rockett won 40-26 in the 9th Ward and Margaree Jackson just 47 in the 28th Ward.

Now, all of those admittedly are predominantly African-American wards, in which Republicans are as scarce as elephants. But hey, fame costs. So move, already.
Hinz concludes:
So here's your chance, folks, to be a big shot, have your own personal soap box and get on Sarah Palin's Christmas card list. You might even help rebuild a second party in distinctly one-party Chicago.
Though I would expect that well no one should aspire to be on Mrs. Palin's Christmas card list. Now if she were to pay a visit to Chatham for example or even Englewood now hopefully that should give any aspiring Republican activist some pull! Either way you still have time to circulate petitions just pay a visit to the Chicago Board of Elections for more information!

BTW, the current 6th Ward Committeeman is Jackie Robinson as listed at both the official websites for the Cook County Republican Party (just scroll down and look for a section titles "ward committeeman") or the Chicago Republican Party. His contact information is listed at both pages.

BTW, I wrote about the respective party committeeman in our ward in 2007. Each presidential primary we elect not only major party committeeman (Democrats & Republican) we also elect a Green Party Committeeman as well.

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