Concerned Citizens of Chatham: 2012-The Rise of Chatham

I would also like to refer you to our own New Year's post looking backwards and looking forwards.

Worlee is looking forward to a new year in Chatham on his blog. Listing the accomplishments of our community through the emergence of social media including the Aldermanic election, removal of gaudy signs, and closing the flop house near 95th & Michigan. Also the emergence of Chatham's future leaders which include those running for state representative to replace the retiring Constance Howard and 6th Ward Chief of Staff Brian Sleet.

Further commenting:
In 2012 we will still have the challenges of dealing with crime, economic development and education. We will have to elect several new representatives and deal with the ward remap. Through all of this we will see a new stronger community, a community that has gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired. A community that will put politicians on notice that you cannot overlook our community and expect to get the vote and the reemergence of a independent voice even when it isn't popular. So those "so called community leaders" from other areas of the southside who have taken our dollars for granted and in one case stated we are not welcome, take notice that you will miss these dollars going forward as Chatham rebuilds. Thanks to all those who read this blog and comment whether you agree or disagree. The important thing is that we start the discussion and as we move forward we encourage others to join the conversation.
He also notes the reemergence of cooperation between the many neighborhood organizations in the ward. Let's hope that continues because as we have seen, they are cooperating on protesting the ward remap.


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