Concerned Citizens of Chatham: 6th Ward Committeeman's Race: Don't Get it Twisted

Worlee has choice words for candidates for 6th Ward Democratic Committeeman:
But we need to understand "close" is only important in horseshoes and not political races. A committeeman cannot vote on the city council floor, cannot call City of Chicago Department heads to request city services and cannot speak to the Mayor's intercircle. So before individuals get bent out of shape and attempt to reopen bruises and wounds from the Aldermandic race understand who and what you are voting for in the upcoming primary. The 6th ward has many challenges that need our attention and to get bowed down in rhetoric and negative campaigning just is a giant step backwards. Rehashing the aldermandic election and current city services issues is counterproductive. The issue is who will be able to do this job better. So I hope both campaigns will limit the negative campaigning and unnecessary rhetoric. Also, we need to look at the Republican race as there are more candidates running than there ever been in the 6th ward.
This blog plans to have some questionnaires available to candidates for both 6th Ward Democratic Committeeman and Republican Committeeman. Soon a questionnaire for candidates in the Democratic primary for 34th District State Representative.


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