EDITORIAL: Let's see the doomsday map

I missed this editorial published December 17, 2011. Yeah I'm sorry this is another article about the ward remap but potentially another possibility. Surely many Aldermen wouldn't be too happy about if it doesn't protect them, but my wish is to not only see a map for 25 or 35 Aldermen, but this other map mentioned in this editorial:
Here's something interesting. The aldermen have produced another map. It's known as the "doomsday map." It hasn't been released, but we have an idea a lot of regular citizens would really like it.

It simply divides the city into squares. Ward boundaries don't meander all over the place to sort voters into predictable majorities. We hear it achieves near-perfect division of the city population, so each ward has the same number of people. And we hear it is likely to produce a City Council that closely mirrors the racial demographics of the city.

What it doesn't do: Protect incumbents.

Now you know why aldermen call it the doomsday map.

Nice, neat squares. Aldermen would have to find which square they live in and run there and hope for the best. That would mean some hot competition. The last thing aldermen want is a map that disregards their home addresses.

So let's see the doomsday map. And if there is a public vote in March, let's make sure that map gets on the ballot.
Ya know they could always draft a boxy map with only 25 Aldermen in mind. Make that the "doomsday option".

Read the whole editorial!


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