Alderman Mell confirms no ward redistricting map, yet

It appears they're still working on drawing a map!
This morning, Dec. 3, chairman of Chicago City Council's Committee on Rules and Ethics, 32nd Ward Alderman Richard Mell, confirmed to this reporter that there would be no district map available for probably a couple of days. Mappers and Aldermen continue to work on throughout the weekend.

Obstacles appear to swirl around the increased Latino population requiring 14 Latino wards. As described by Amy Kurson, an attorney for the Latino Caucus, at the 1st Ward's meeting, being a Latino ward does not necessarily mean that the majority of the population has to be Latino but that there has to be at least "influence" for the protected class. Furthermore the alderperson does not have to be a Latino.

As reports leak out of the map room, manipulation of boundaries have gone as far as moving an entire ward from the south side to the northwest side. Not even that news seems to be sticking. In the meantime they roll on far beyond their December 1 "deadline" to present a new redistricted map.
So is the 20th Ward safe? Would the 6th Ward be safe under the new map? How will the Hispanic Caucus get more wards out of this remap?

I hope the many citizens who are concerned about this remap won't have long to wait in the suspense of this new ward map!


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