I want to see some Booty at Jewel's!

Ok, that title needs some explanation.  A while back I was at Jewel's at 87h and the Dan Ryan. My wife had spotted an ad for Pirate's Booty

It's a snack, so not the most healthy of foods...but compared to other snacks, it might be considered a health food, the kind you'd see on the North Side.

Clearly, the makers of it are not "urban". In an earlier package, they proudly said that fans of their snack were called "Booty Heads".

But it's great tasting, and available at most places -- except 87th & the Dan Ryan.  When I asked the clerks who worked those aisles about it, they had no clue what I was talking about.

So why don't we have it here? There were pleny of flaming hot chips to choose from, which I saw prominently displayed at Jewel's. But many of hese "healthier" snacks are nowhere to be found, except for the ads.

I felt kind of weird asking the employees "I want some Booty". But I was also sad that we couldn't get what was offered in most stores.

I think this is part of the same unhealthy food cycle that makes our area feel like a "food desert", and part of the real reasons why Whole Foods doesn't want to establish a store near us.

What do you think?

Note: the above post was created quite a while ago, but I don't think things have changed in the past few weeks.


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