NBC Chicago on Ald. Roderick Sawyer

So our local NBC affiliate has been profiling Chicago's 50 Aldermen. On Tuesday they just so happen to profile our very own Alderman. Here's the lay of the land for the 6th Ward and the issue's that we're facing:
The Ward: The 6th ward is comprised of parts of Englewood, Park Manor, Greater Grand Crossing, Chatham, Chesterfield, West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights. The area is 98 percent African American. Despite the area’s long history, the population has decreased in the past years and some areas have seen an increase in violence, crime and foreclosures.

The Office: Ald. Sawyer is new to the city council game, but is working to provide a better connection with his constituents. Sawyer stays up-to-date with Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some of the key issues surrounding Sawyer deal primarily with crime. He is implementing programs to fix up abandoned lots and wants to encourage more businesses to build around the transit line. He recently held a "Troubled Buildings" seminar that drew dozens to discuss vacant lots and buildings in poor shape.
Is there anything you'd like to add to that?


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