Torch of Decency promo...

[VIDEO] Chatham resident Jahmal Cole talks about his new book Torch of Decency which is available for sale at his Role Model Movement website and at Chatham Food Market (327 East 79th St). He does a promo produced by 2CityNews (2CN).

Here's what this book is about:
In his book, Cole discusses Chatham’s founders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and politicians and how they shaped the community. He also delves into the increase in criminal activity and economic woes which currently plague his beloved community, while providing readers with solutions and ways to rekindle the community pride that was once Chatham’s claim to fame. According to Cole, assuming responsibility for the preservation of the acclaimed accomplishments of Chatham’s previous generations is a torch of decency all should carry.
Click on the link above before the quote for more information about this book.


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