Chicago Tonight: Ward remap...

[VIDEO] Probably nothing new here. This aired on Thursday night long after the City Council vote. It was noted that the city council could vote on putting this map into effect in the near future instead of waiting for the next city election which would be in 2015. There is no clear legal precedent that determines when a new map goes into effect according to to our new friend strannik on his blog recently.

ALSO, just ran across this page at the Chicago City Clerk which has all the data files and maps for the recently passed remap ordinance. It's worth studying as at the time of Thursday's vote this information wasn't immediately available. I got my eye on the demographic data especially (you will need Adobe Reader for .pdf files).

BTW, Greg Hinz noted on his blog Thursday that
However, the map does so by packing voters into mostly white North and Northwest side wards with populations of 55,000 to 56,000 residents, while stretching the black population into South and West Side wards with populations generally of 51,000 to 53,000.
Each ward is generally supposed to have around 53,912 people. In order to approve this map, they probably had to draw wards with varying populations.


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