New aldermanic wards for one-third of Chicagoans - Chicago Sun-Times

New aldermanic wards for one-third of Chicagoans - Chicago Sun-Times
As early as Thursday or next week probably at the latest, an estimated one-third or more of Chicago residents will be living in a new ward.

They’ll be in two wards, actually, one old and one new, thanks to a ward redistricting plan that an alliance of aldermen will try to push through the City Council today.

The new boundaries don’t really go into effect until after the city election in 2015, but the practical effect is more complicated.

As in the past, some aldermen will want to start serving new constituents right away to build goodwill for the next election. Others may prefer to dance with the voters who brought them. The result is some residents may find themselves with two aldermen vying for their affection while others will have trouble finding anyone to pay attention to their concerns.

You say you’d like to know which ward will now be claiming you as a resident?
 That's what I'm sure the residents of West Chesterfield, Roseland Heights, and Chesterfield are wanting to know.

There was supposed to be a city council meeting at 10 AM today, however, so far as I type this post it has yet to commence. Perhaps they're still working on getting those 41 votes and continuing to move lines around. We shall see!


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