Thursday, January 19, 2012

Official Statement from Alderman Sawyer on ward re-map vote

Here is the official press release from Alderman Sawyer, posted on his website at affiliated with this blog or our domain,

Over the objection of Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer (6th), the Chicago City Council passed the new ward map 41-8. “Unfortunately this is map, despite numerous public hearings, was not one that the public was able to review and provide input” Alderman Sawyer said. “The communities of the 6th Ward made their opinions clear in the meetings that existed; unfortunately the city council chose to fully disregard the concerns of my community. This map only benefits a few self-serving Alderman, not the City of Chicago, and definitely not the Citizens of the 6th Ward. Nonetheless, I remain committed to the communities of the 6th Ward and I look forward to bringing our new residents into the family.”

Under the revised 6th Ward map, the communities of Chesterfield, West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights have been removed from the ward. The 6th ward now loses 2 public parks, its top performing elementary school and a high school. These neighborhoods are a traditionally high voting area and this move greatly affects the voting strength of one of the city’s traditionally highest voting wards.

“There are numerous problems with the process. There was blatant disrespect for the outcome of the last election as certain individuals were determined to disregard the well stated preferences of their community and allowed rules to be broken in the process,” Alderman Sawyer continued. “I left with an agreement on my map, with particular boundaries that, while not perfect represented what I worked for, only to receive a call this morning to find that my map had been unilaterally changed with no notice to me. This was done in spite of the fact that such an action is in clear violation of the rules set up to govern this process. There is no way that I could support such egregious actions that disrespected so many of the people who sent me to office, but it is a wake-up call about the priorities of certain individuals and exactly what they think of our community.”

Alderman Sawyer concluded, “Today, when you look at the aldermen who were disenfranchised, the city council sent the residents of Chicago a clear message; if we don’t like who you elected, the concerns of your community will be ignored. For someone who has spent his entire life in Chicago politics, I can honestly say I have never seen such little regard for the voters of this city.”

For Immediate Release
For More Information Contact:
Lesley Chinn
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  1. C'mon Rod, man up- change your tampon and stop crying.

  2. He sounds like an unhappy camper for sure. Is it that bad?

  3. Irate in the 6th Ward!January 19, 2012 at 10:11 PM


    Can you imagine that black aldermen would have coveted their own self interests to the point of destroying one of the bedrocks of black, middle class communities in the city of Chicago and think they, incredibly, won't suffer the consequences? It's HIT LIST time folks!

    Do you really believe, Alderman Beale, that the new communities that are now shoved in your ward––Chesterfield, West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights–– are going to VOTE FOR YOU when the time comes? Currently, your entire ward doesn't vote with the intensity of these three communities put together.

    Do you think Alderman Brookins we can't come across the Dan Ryan into your ward and help anybody–-including BOZO THE CLOWN–-run against you? Don't even think about the dog catcher job! That's how bad we are going to make your life. Sixth ward citizens are going to be gunning for YOU! We are never going to FORGET THIS!

    The Black Caucus may have taken a bite out of us, but we will ferret out the masterminds–-of which Fredrenna Lyle cavorted with because of her aldermanic loss––and as they say--payback is a b-----!
    People, just pick up the CHICAGO MAGAZINE, JANUARY 2012 ISSUE and see which aldermen have gang ties.
    See how low they all have descended. If the FEDS every get involved, don't feel sorry for any of them!

    We are going to ferret out anyone who is part of the lead aldermen who ripped us apart and go after you like a grizzly bear ––who has been sleeping all winter––that's hungry––and never had sex and is looking for a mate. Because yes, most of us in the 6th Ward weren't paying attention! Just look at the 43rd Ward and see how those rich, white folks in Lincoln Park reacted when they proposed cutting them up and dropping them into three wards as of Monday of this week. Did they take it! Hell NO! 600 hundred of them showed up to protest!

    You can be sure that every rich Jew on the Northside got on the phone and blew up Emanuel's digits until they got his attention. They reminded him that they have a lot of rich attorneys who live in Lincoln Park who would have tied the City of Chicago in court FOREVER! And boy, did our mayor make the council back away from the 43rd Ward like a rattler shaking it's tail at a bobcat!

    And don't think that Rahm Emanuel actually cares about preseving the black, middle class either. Cause if he did, he certainly didn't demonstrate it this time. So stop thinking he's President Obama cuz he ain't! Make him WORK for your vote the next time––like a Hebrew slave!

    So black folks in the 6th Ward–– take note when we discover who were the MASTERMINDS who decided to put us uppity, middle class black folks in our place––let's go after them like PIT BULLS! Like folks who have lost our MINDS!

    1. IRATE IN THE SIXTH WARDJanuary 19, 2012 at 10:13 PM

      PART 2

      They are really scared of us! Case in point: it seems that Alderman Beale made sure that Richard Wooten who lives in Chesterfield and should now be a part of the 9th Ward according to their new map... well, his home and one other block are still going to remain in the 6th Ward. Beale feared this brother would go after him and have a real shot at his job in future elections! Pitiful! Weak!

      But hey, I suspect a deal was cut with the CEO of Chesterfield's Community Group who never once rallied his community to come out and question the remap. So Alderman Beale, maybe he will be your competition for your seat––unless you and Brookins have already cut him a deal for whatever!

      It's time to WAKE UP, folks! These professional, political incumbents and their lackeys are only concerned about their self-preservation, pensions and power. They ain't thinking about what it took to try to keep you and your family afloat to aspire and remain part of the black, middle class.

      And if anyone is taking them to court, you need to come out and HELP that legal group!

      You, my sixth ward neighbors, need to pay attention! You need to stop feeling you owe them your allegiance because they are BLACK! Because frankly speaking, all these black politicians think they owe you is a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and a few block party permits.

      It's time to get ANGRY and do something about it! We may have lost this battle but the war is hardly over!

    2. Irate!!! I may not always agree with you, but I appreciate your comments. Please keep in touch with us. Email us! Thanks!

  4. "Irate" sounds like a blitnering idiot. If he/she voted for sawyer and now paying the price, don't blame everyone else.

    1. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!January 22, 2012 at 3:13 PM

      "Blitnering"––you, Anonymous, need to learn how to spell–– so you can be regarded as intelligent. It's
      blithering. Nevertheless, I do agree with you that Sawyer has to assume responsibility for this HOT MESS!

      Either he was too naive–– and truly believed that he needed to get along with his colleagues in the Black Caucus–– as he has always said at community group meetings ––or he was looking out for his own bacon down the road. And down the road means Sawyer felt that he wanted to keep his political ambitions open for other offices. One does not fight with one's peers if you think you will need their support for another office.

      But that support is everything I said that's wrong with the "Old School", incumbent black politicians: they do nothing, but take everything! Black politicians who are only looking out FOR THEMSELVES –-not black communities as a whole.

      If you look at the track record of most incumbent, black Aldermen, they voted in high percentages for Daley's deals, manipulative ploys and lopsided management of the city. Chicago black residents across the board suffered for that again and again!

      Sawyer will be judged for this LOSS in the next aldermanic election––this "idiot" knows that! Do you, Anonymous, know that?

      But if you are suggesting that Lyle would have never let this happen to us––of course not! She was their crony! Why would the Black Caucus turn on her! Most, if not, all of the black, incumbent Aldermen supported her in the last election. And if you think there was no PAY-BACK on her part, you must have voted for her, Anonymous!

      Sawyer had a chance to be PRO-ACTIVE and sat WEAKLY on the sidelines. That doesn't make any difference NOW! Again, his choice to not rally his ward will be the core of any campaign strategy that is run against him. This will be his WATERLOO!

      And by the way, Anonymous, until the map is set in gold, we, as residents can still fight back! Let's see if someone is brave enough to make the legal stand and if they are––let's help them. Plus, I don't care–– it's time for 6th Ward residents––wherever they might end up–-to give as GOOD AS WE GOT--BACK! The same vindictiveness those black politicians showed the 6th Ward, we need to throw their way!


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