Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walmart opened today in West Chatham!

 And I (JP Paulus) was there. So here's my story (more personal rather than journalistic)

Simeon High School's marching band gave an opening performance. They then promptly marched across the street to their school. (They weren't missing any school time)

My pastor, Dr. D. Darrell Griffin of nearby Oakdale Covenant Church gave the opening convocation.
Keith Richards, Chatham Walmart's General Manager
Alderman Howard Brookins spoke (thanking many people, though no one from the Chatham Community that I was aware of), as did General Manager Keith Richards (no not THAT Keith Richards), and a couple of others.

The ceremony was quickly over and people started shopping.

As with all new stores, the shelves were clean, the food was fresh and people were friendly.  They were extra friendly due to my daughter Faith (1 year old and smiling the whole time). And the neighborhood residents who were there were the ones who were already excited about having a Walmart nearby.

Several news organizations were there, including Medill News Service (Northwestern University's journalism school). We will post the video when its ready.

Because those who opposed Walmart these past few years obviously weren't interested in shopping there (and protests at this point would not change a thing), I actually gave the argument against Walmart that I feel the community has expressed.(This was for the Medill story), Let us know if you feel that was an accurate representation of the Walmart opposition.

You can also expect a story from Anita Padilla of Fox Chicago news. ABC7 was there as well, and apparent myself and Faith were on the 11am news.

I also shared with several Walmart executives my concerns that the quality of the store might go down in the months to come, as it has in Evergreen Park.  They of course assured me that the quality would remain, but to contact Keith Richards if there was a problem.  However, when i left the store today, I saw several loose shopping carts in end of the parking lot, just like I see every week in Evergreen Park.

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ABC 7's story...

WGN TV's story, which included a comment from the owner of a food mart at 79th and Vincennes.

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  1. I don't necessarily agree with big business moving into the area and I have seen a couple Walmarts opening up like the one at Monroe and Canal, but at least it is creating jobs in the area.


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