Monday, March 19, 2012

Flyer and audio for Sandra Wortham for state representative

Recently we received an e-mail wondering why we hadn't posted any materials from the Wortham campaign. We had in the past posted at least a flyer and a pic of a billboard but there isn't a lot of materials to be had from her campaign. I was given an e-mail address for Ms. Wortham and I got some audio and a flyer. This would certainly fit on the radio as the audio for her opponent Richard Wooten although that was used for robocalls.

The audio is below you can click the player or click the link in the brackets [AUDIO]

Basically the audio contains the voices of Sandra Wortham and her father Thomas Wortham III and especially notes their relation to the late police officer Thomas Wortham IV. It offers her goals as our state representative and mentions the issues of public education, public safety and jobs. Let us know what you think of Ms. Wortham!


  1. Although there are SunTimes, Tribune, & Defender endorsements in the 32nd District (all to Rep. Thaped) nothing has been posted on Rep. Thapedi. Look at his endorsement from the SunTimes to get a feel for the campaign.

  2. I was only able to post what I have recieved although I did specifically ask for materials for Sandra Wortham. There is no sleight to Rep. Thapedi at all, but if he has any materials to offer at any time he is more than free to send them to us. We wish him the best of luck in Tuesday's primary.

  3. Also note that the 34th District was much more hotly contested than the race in Thapedi's district. Even though we did post material for other races that concerned the sixth ward (ie Bobby Joe Johnson, Jordan Sims, Ald. Sawyer for Committeeman, and Harold Bailey) it was very appropriate to put more attention on the race for 32nd District.


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