The Chicago Neighborhoods is now offering t-shirts...

Now you can buy t-shirts for the various neighborhood brands created by artist Steve Shanabruch. Sadly the nice brand for the Chatham neighborhood is unavailable and I'm sure many of you who identify with Chatham will buy those shirts off the rack like gangbusters.

Other nearby neighborhoods have their "Chicago Neighborhoods" brand on sale such as Woodlawn, South Chicago, Roseland, Pullman, Beverly and Morgan Park.

People disagreed with the image used in the background for Englewood but most of these t-shirts emphasize the lettering of those brands not the background images. I'm sure there are those who would like to wear t-shirts to represent Englewood just as well.

Click the image at the top of this post to visit The Chicago Neighborhoods to see if your neighborhood is represented as a brand. Also let Shanabruch know that you want to represent your neighborhood with a t-shirt. Here's contact info below!
Finally my challenge still stands! Some of you out there are artists who could really utilize your their talents to show our communities in a positive light.

Hat-tip Chicagoist!


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