Ward Room: Alderman Calls for IDs, Cameras at Scrap Metal Recyclers

Courtesy of our local NBC affiliates Chicago Politics blog:
Ald. Jason Ervin (28th) said someone stole aluminum siding off his home just two weeks ago.

He responded by calling for a new ordinance that would require scrap metal businesses to get identification from people before they can sell.

"If there's no place for you to sell your wares, we hope that this will decrease the scourge of these people coming and just stealing indiscriminately from residents in our community," Ervin said Wednesday.

He said the ordinance would also require video cameras at scrap metal recyclers to help identify thieves.
Well, a lot of homes on the south side have also been affected by these metal thieves - enough to that these prevention tips have been circulated -  especially of those mailbox covers. Alderman Sawyer even put a statement out wanting stricter regulation of metal recyclers.

Just a quick note to the Ward Room Staff, the 28th Ward is a long way from the south side of town!


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