Tribune: CPS figures show enrollment down

Well in speaking recently of Shedd School being closed this is not a surprise although I'm sure this article is talking about enrollment for the school year that just started.
Enrollment figures released by Chicago Public Schools show an overall decline from last year despite growth in the number of students at charter schools.

Total enrollment of about 400,000 students is 3,000 less than last year, the district said Tuesday.

That figure includes students at privately run charter schools, where enrollment grew by about 4,000 to 54,000, according to the Illinois Network of Charter Schools. There are 15 additional charter campuses in the city this year, with grades added at another 30 campuses, according to the organization.

More than 300 noncharter schools counted fewer students than projected by the district, and nearly 200 schools showed higher numbers than expected, according to CPS.

Enrollment took on added importance this year with the district's new per-pupil budgeting system, which allocates funding for each school based on the number of students. The district allayed fears of additional cuts earlier this week by saying schools with lower enrollment than projected would not have funding reduced. The schools with higher-than-projected enrollment will get an additional $18 million in funding.


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