ABC 7: GOP Governor primary race heating up

[VIDEO] Speaking of Bruce Rauner - a Republican candidate for Governor who will be at a meet & greet at Luversia's on Jan. 20th - it appears his comments regarding a minimum wage has made the GOP primary more of a contest. He had been forced to backtrack from his statement where he apparently supported decreasing the minimum wage to the federal level.

The ABC7Chicago video you see above shows other Republican candidates such as Kirk Dillard & 2010 GOP nominee for Governor state Sen. Bill Brady take some swipes at Rauner. Mainly over the minimum wage flap and Dillard became the next Republican governor candidate to make a stop on the south side. As you see in the video he was at a services of Sweet Holy Spirit Church @ 8621 S. South Chicago Avenue.

BTW, Rich Miller of the CapFax noted that while Rauner has made some contradictory statements with regards to his position on the minimum wage so had Dillard. Dillard had stated himself that minimum wage should be set by the market, however, he too attempted to moderate his position on this issue.

So now, when will Sen. Brady and state Treasurer Rutherford will make their appearances on the south side. Not long before the 2010 elections Brady held a press conference on the site of the Chatham Market Walmart on 83rd Street to launch his jobs tour.

BTW, here's a tweet of Dillard speaking at Sweet Holy Spirit which does contain a photo


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