Chicagoist: Hack Your Ventra Card... To Hang From Your Keychain

Via Imgur
Here's a way to hack your Ventra card. Meaning that this is a way to make it much easier to use especially in this cold weather without at least having to go into your pockets or purse. At the very least it will be on your keychain and nowhere near your credit cards.
One CTA rider modified a Ventra card so that it could be attached to a keychain and used, based on a similar hack of one of London’s Oyster cards. Not only will you be able to use a Ventra card without removing it from a wallet, it also separates the Ventra card from other contactless credit cards in your possession and reducing the risk of having a Ventra card reader charge those cards fares.
Seems like a cool way to make usage of this fare media more convenient.


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