Saturday, January 25, 2014

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Bridge to nowhere coming to Chatham?

Worlee opines on a proposed project - a one-way bridge at 85th Street - which was at first necessary for the expected traffic for the Walmart in West Chatham in order to ease the congestion on 87th Street. Now he's concerned there's more traffic coming from the new development from Rev. Charles Jenkins' Legacy Project.

In addition a charter high school - expected to be a Concept school - has been approved to be housed in the development located at 8522 S. Lafayette Ave. It was reported recently of course that Rev. Jenkins is to be a landlord to this school and also noted was his connections with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Worlee also notes in light of this new development:
This application comes in light of the fact that 10 years ago taxpayers footed the $35 million bill for Simeon Vocational High School which will be less than a half mile away. Also within a two mile radius there are four high schools available. Harlan High School, which is a STEM school, Simeon Vocational. Robeson High School, and Perspectives Calumet High School, which is a charter high school. The only logical reason this school was approved was to reward one of the mayor's African American pastor buddies. His buddy Pastor Charles Jenkins has attempted to build a church campus on this site for several years and now that he has a source of revenue that  helps make this a bankable project.
In any case what say you?


  1. Has the buyers remorse for electing Rod Sawyer set in yet ??

  2. Because this is in the 21st ward the answer is NO. I'm in my Dr. Phil mode and want to ask Alderman Brookins "What in the hell were you thinking". Knowing that the theater will serve alcohol and he recently approved a liquor store all within blocks of the church development how does he think all these parties will coexist.? He is going to push out a 20 million dollar investment , creating an additional 75 jobs and taxes in his community for a church that will add no jobs and pay no taxes.

  3. Thankfully, voters will decide by reviewing Sawyer's accomplishments for the 6th ward. And also decide whether he knows how to go toe-to-toe with Brookins, who seems to give less than a damn on helping the middle-class and working-class, African-American community thrive and survive on the Southside. After all, what Brookins' does impacts residents in the 6th ward. It's not like our dollars are not important to the business community on the other side of the Dan Ryan. For my money, Sawyer just sits back and let Brookins and Harris just do their thing. So it's not Sawyer's ward, so what! Sawyer can create a fire storm that alerts all residents on both sides of the Ryan to Brookin's "money for my law firm and campaign, in return for whatever you want or need." Brookins needs votes too!


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