What's your plan for Chicago and her neighborhoods

Over at Curbed Chicago, I got wind of a Chicago Tribune challenge to Chicagoans. Inspired by the 100-year-old Burnham Plan, they want Chicagoans to come up with a plan of their own for the city. So then what caught my eye was reviving troubled city neighborhoods.

Some of those plans I'm sure have been implemented in some way. For example in some parts of the city such as Englewood there already are urban farms growing produce. Another good idea is mentorship for small business owners and tax breaks. Also creating commercial areas and parks as refuges with 24/7 security.

The article also considers what to do with the many schools that were closed due to utilization. Could these many buildings be used for commerical purposed or could they be used for community purposes. Indeed perhaps we could turn these closed schools into community centers with many services.

All the same, I'm sure many of you read this blog have your own idea as to reviving our troubled neigborhoods. Many of you have your own visions worth sharing with the Tribune or even here if you'd like.


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