Did the CTA bus completely miss our neighborhoods yesterday morning & today?

Has anyone else been experiencing problems on the CTA lately?

Yesterday, as my wife was on her way to work, we checked the CTA bus tracker around 6:15 am for the Westbound 79th street bus, near the King Drive corner. The text message said "No arrival times". As she walked her way to the 79th street station, she saw MANY CTA riders who also texted and got the same message. It took her 20 minutes o get to the station.  Along the way,she saw many people who also had texted and got the same response.  Meanwhile, about 4-5 eastbound 79th street buses passed along the way.
This morning at 6:24, atone stop, the times were as follows:

  • 79to 77th/Centr 25 min
  • 79 to Solo CupF 22 min
  • 79 to Western 28 min

So at least 22 minutes before another bus would show up, and then a 3-5 minute gap.  Is this acceptable? Certainly the "No time available" is NOT acceptable.

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