West Chesterfield - a historically Black neighborhood

9351 S. Michigan Ave
The image below is a history of the West Chesterfield neighborhood. It was recieved to this blog in a recent email with this introduction:
The West Chesterfield Community Association encourages communities to get to know their Black Histories as a sense of pride it may instill in neighbors and our youth. We applaud Chatham, Pullman, Riverdale and other communities that are doing this.

The West Chesterfield Neighborhood occupies the area from 87th to 95th State Street to Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. North West Chesterfield occupies census track 4406. The area north of the B&O rail tracks is in the Chatham Community.

Do you know the enclave of West Chesterfield south of the 91st Street and B&O rail tracks occupying Roseland’s census track 4903 is a historically black area?. This is the primary area of our association.
The picture to the left is of the West Chesterfield Cultural Center. The last paragraph at the bottom of the image below shows a history of this bungalow where the neighborhood association hold their monthly neighborhood meetings.

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