More from West Chesterfield on the 95th Terminal redevelopment

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The following information below was e-mailed to me Wednesday night. The West Chesterfield community is still very interested in the redevelopment of the CTA 95th Red Line bus/rail terminal.

Also note that there is a DCP meeting on the 95th Terminal redevelopment on March 25, 2014 at New Progressive MB Church located @ 9425 South Perry starting at 7:00 PM.

  • Dear West Chesterfield and Leaders:

    Attached please find a copy memorandum from the West Chesterfield Community Association to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Terry Peterson, Chairman and Mr. Forrest Claypool, President of the Chicago Transit Authority.

    The memorandum expresses our recommendations for the 95th Street Terminal Project and subsequent Transit Oriented Development with our desire to participate in Community Benefit Agreements related to these projects.

    We are members of the Developing Communities Project (DCP) which has been advocating for the Redline Extension since 2002. West Chesterfield will continue to advocate with the DCP on this matter.

    This initial document comes from West Chesterfield because of our history with the 95th Street Terminal since 1969. It is because of our 1974 protest against the Chicago Planning Commission regarding a Park and Ride in the community. It is because in 1981 West Chesterfield and the Roseland Heights Community Associations with 150 residents went to the Zoning Board of Appeals protesting the Trailways Bus Company’s planned terminal expansion into the community.

    We share this memorandum to expand our dialogue on this matter.

    Residents and Business within four blocks to a mile of the 95th Street Terminal are invited to our next DCP 95th Street Panel of Development meeting to be held Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the New Progressive MB Church located at 9425 South Perry..

    If there are questions, I may be reached by cell phone at 773.251.0760 or by email at wcca1956 @

    Good news! A CTA representative has requested a meeting with the WCCA Transit Team in response to the attached memorandum.


    Michael E. LaFargue
Here's the actual memo sent to the Mayor and the Chairman & President of the Chicago Transit Authority.


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