NBC Chicago: Chicago Resident Plows Entire Block for 35 Years, Writes Neighbors Heartfelt Letter

Photo from Antonio Lopez via NBC Chicago
How many of us only wishes that we had such a kind neighbor as this man? He knows the sidewalks need to be clear so he gets up early and goes out of his way to clear them. Doesn't ask for a thanks or anything just does it because it needs to be done. Although according to this letter he had some help over the years.

What a great letter he wrote to his neighbors about his unsung contribution to his block. Hopefully someone else can take up his mantle. Indeed perhaps there's someone who does this on your block as well!

While it seems winter isn't going away without a fight with more snow forecast and cold temps, he's right about one thing: "Now, spring is around the corner, the snow will be gone, therefore keep smiling".


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