Crain's: Bringing Whole Foods to Englewood

[VIDEO] The video above was already shared onto our FB page. It seems people are still talking about the Whole Foods Market coming to 63rd/Halsted. It was very cool to see vintage photos of the area as it was before it's decline.

One thing has me wondering about this video. According to the developer DL3 Realty's Leon Walker he says that while prices at a store such as Aldi's would be less expensive than Whole Foods Market, however, he also noted that most people shop at the corner store for groceries and thus prices at the corner store is actually more expensive than Whole Foods.

Seems odd, right? If this is true then why would the corner store would be more expensive than Whole Foods? In making this announcement last year it was noted in the news that Whole Foods would stock their new Englewood outpost with items that their sure Englewood residents could afford.

who knows, when this store is finally built and opened in 2016 perhaps this idea of "Whole Paycheck" as the stores are referred to could be retired. Still, this video continues the theme about how this unlikely development can turn around a neighborhood that continues to have issues with blight, poverty, and crime.


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