75th/King Drive: What would you like to see here?

After many false starts the corner that once housed not only a dollar store, but also the offices of State Representative Andre Thapedi has finally been demolished after having been destroyed in a fire in January. There were plenty of people who were eager to see this corner finally cleared with neighbors complaining about it. Even elicited a report from CBS 2 that aired last month!

The pic above was posted at both Concerned Citizens of Chatham and our FB page with one simple question: What would you like to see here? It's probably about time that we bring back this feature and this corner would be a great spot.

75th Street was known as a "Black Wall Street" is also known for many restaurants. Army & Lou's is still located near 75th/King Drive although I understand the restaurant is still closed. Of course down the street to the west is Lem's BBQ and Brown Sugar Bakery. Some of the comments to both neighborhood FB pages have suggested a restaurant, retail, a garden, youth services center, job skills program, etc.

In any case, what would you like to see at this spot?

ALSO, I would like to embed both posts below to show the comments regarding this corner.


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