Ventra transition deadline date

This press release was published on April 28, but we should already know that day is coming. The deadlines were pushed back to this point last year after there were reports of mishaps with the Ventra equipment. And now CTA is ready to move forward and today May 1st the changes in fare media has commenced:
The CTA and Pace remind customers that as of this Thursday, May 1, they will no longer be able to do the following, as part of the transition to the new Ventra fare payment system:
  • CTA customers will no longer be able to buy new magnetic stripe fare cards
  • Customers will no longer be able to autoload/reload their Chicago Card/Chicago Card Plus
Most customers have already switched to Ventra, with 86 percent of all CTA rides and 61 percent of Pace rides now taken with Ventra.
If you follow the press release there is more information for those customers who need to change to the Ventra system. On June 1st: "customers can no longer reload magnetic stripe cards or use Chicago Card/Chicago Card Plus. CTA and Pace will complete the full transition to Ventra on July 1."


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